John Murray takes time out to discuss his career and his next steps in boxing!

After the fantastic success of my professional boxing career, it seen only natural that I opened a boxing gym and gave something back to the sport that gave me so much. However it wasn’t something that I planned more something that I fell into. (Another story that)

However now that I’ve set up a gym, the next stage was to set up an amateur team. I’m already very busy with my professional boxers, but if I’m to keep the conveyor belt of fighters coming through I’ve got to start them young. Nothing gives me more joy that the process of turning these lads into the next MurrayMachines.

It’s my ambition to take a lad from the local area, take him through the amateurs winning titles along the way. Then to turn him pro, win English, British, European titles and then go one further than myself and win a world title. It’s a big ask, but a challenge I well up for, and with the steely determination I showed in my career, something I believe I will achieve.

Take a look at this great video our friends from Sky Sports have made for us;

Training the lads in the gym gives me such a buzz. Showing them the basics and all the things that helped make my career such a success. I know it won’t be easy and I know lots of kids will drop off when the going gets tough. But I’m looking for the lads that shows me that edge. If it was easy everyone would do it. It will be hard, but if they give me 100% I’m sure i can guid them and take them all the way.

Today was a fantastic session in the gym, with the lads working on skills in sparing while I talk them through it. It was tough. But I’m looking for that special kids that gets going, when the going gets tough. I’m sure I’ll fine that golden nugget in my gym. Maybe he was one of the lads that trained tonight, who all impressed me with their toughness and skills tonight. I’ll look forward to working with them again next session.